Challenge 4:12 is a Christian youth group comprised of young people from age nine (9) to seventeen (17). These young people come from different backgrounds and they face challenges that are both the same and different from each other. The goal of Challenge 4:12 is simply put; to challenge young people to live a life for God!
Fern Hill recognizes the immense amount of pressure that today's youth are facing. Drugs, alcoholism, sexual purity of mind and body, family quarrels, depression and other mental health issues, the list, unfortunately, seem endless. Challenge 4:12 is meant to be a group of young Christians who are able to encourage each other, and hold one another up when they are feeling the pressures of life. It is a place where you can be yourself. 
Our mission as Fern Hill: Challenge 4:12 is to teach young people that there are many things and many people who will do their best to distract you from serving God. People will use things against you to make you feel inadequate or unable to serve God. We are here to LOUDLY tell you that they are WRONG! You can serve God as a young person and that serving a wonderful God is actually fun! Challenge 4:12 promote godly behavior through a variety of ways. Some of these ways are: 1) team building related games at our monthly activities. 2) Bible lessons that illustrate how God used all kinds of people to do great thing if they were only willing to serve Him. 3) A least half of Challenge 4:12's regular monthly meetings are service projects. These are ways that we help our church family and our community. Serving God can be fun and exciting! You just have to get in there and start serving others!  

Mr & Mrs Adam Anderson, Youth Ministry Leader