Why do we have a children’s church ministry?

Here at Fern Hill we believe that children deserve to be a part of things rather than just be a tag-along! It is with this in mind that Pastor Stroud began a drive to establish a Children's Church. Pastor Stroud had just two rules and they are: #1 The children will be taught the Word of God at an age appropriate level. #2 Children's Church will not be a "play time" but rather a scaled version of "Adult Church". As a result of these foundational stones Fern Hill's Children's ministry is second to none!

What does my child do in Children's Church?

Our children are taught songs and sing them once a month in the adult worship service. They also are taught Bible lessons such as Moses, King David, Paul's missionary journeys, the Christmas Story, and many more. We use a variety of teaching methods because we know that kids learn in a multitude of ways! 
It has been said that the children know more about the life and ministry of Moses than most of the adults! Along with singing and Bible lessons, Fern Hill wants to instill sold Biblical principles in the lives of these children. That is why the Children's Church collects a weekly offering, prays for missionaries, and has several "service" projects throughout the year. 


How does it work?

Children’s Church meets every second (2nd) and forth (4th) Sunday morning of the month. If you have a child that is age four (4) to ten (10) they are more than welcome to join us for a fun time of Bible learning! 
Sunday Worship service begins at 11:00 A.M. during this time children are encouraged to join the rest of the Children's Church on the first few pews in the sanctuary. The Worship service will begin and after the choir sings their special then Pastor Stroud will officially dismiss the Children's Church. From there they will begin their service of learning songs and singing, Bible lesson, offering, and other events until dismissal.