How does Sunday School Work?

Going to Sunday school helps you in SO MANY WAYS! You are able to learn more about God and the Bible, you meet friends, and many more things! So if you have been asking, "Should I go to Sunday school?" the answer is clear: YES, COME TO SUNDAY SCHOOL! Okay, now that that is setteled you may be wondering how to get started. 

1) Sunday school classes meet every Sunday morning at 9:45 A.M. So make sure to set your alarm early enough so you can join us!

2) Deciding what Sunday school class to attend is really easier than you think. Our Sunday school classes are broken down by age   brackets. If you have any problems finding a class please ask somebody. Once you find a Sunday school class just go on in!

3) When you go to your age appropriate class all you will need to do is give your name to the Class Secretary so she can have a record of your visit. 

4) And that's it! Just make sure to repeat steps 1) and 2) every Sunday morning!

Our Sunday school teachers have been chosen because they are apt to teach, are knowledgable in Biblical matters, and have a great rapport with the church. 
Brother "Shorty" Estes, Sunday school Superentendant